The Features Overview Of LibreOffice Productivity Suite

The LibreOffice is simply a collection of several applications (Writer, Calc, Impress, and so on) that are required for daily office productivity use. Those essential applications of LibreOffice are the following:

Writer: LibreOffice Writer is a powerful word processor that functions similarly to Microsoft Word. It’s a feature-rich application capable of creating anything from letters, reports, newsletters, and brochures to even full-length books with images, charts, tables, etc. Writer can export documents in a variety of formats, including odt, html, xml, pdf, and others.

Calc: Calc is a spreadsheet application of the LibreOffice Suite similar to Microsoft Excel. It comes with all sorts of advanced tables and charts (both 2D and 3D) that allow you to create better looking data reports. Calc has over 300 functions suitable for complex financial, statistical, and mathematical work.

Impress: Impress is LibreOffice’s answer to the famous Microsoft PowerPoint. With the help of Impress, you can create stunning presentations and slideshows. It contains all the common multimedia presentation tools and effects similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Draw: Draw is a graphic and vector drawing application in the LibreOffice suites. You can use LibreOffice Draw to edit, manage, and modify PDF files, or create beautiful diagrams.

Apart from these four main applications, LibreOffice has two more additional apps at its disposal – Math and Base.

Advantages Of LibreOffice

There are a number of advantages to using LibreOffice over other office suites. Some of them are listed below.

1. No Licensing Fee : Since LibreOffice is an open-sourced application, it doesn’t cost a dime to download and use it for any purpose, be it for personal or business use.

2. Cross-Platform: There are literally no other office software that run natively on every operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac). Although there are a few office suites available in the market that run cross-platform, they lack the number of features LibreOffice comes with for free of cost.

3. Extensive Language Support: The user interface of LibreOffice, including the hyphenation and spelling dictionaries, has extensive language support with 120+ available languages and dialects.

4. No vendor lock-in: LibreOffice writes files in the standard open document file format. This makes the files accessible for other software that are part in the huge ecosystem of other open-sourced apps that use the same open document standards.

5. You have a voice: Because LibreOffice is an open-sourced project, you can easily participate in the development of new features and software fixes. This gives you a sense of voice that is not present in corporate products like the Microsoft Office Suite.

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