How to Password Protect a Document in LibreOffice

This tutorial explains you the step on how to password protect a document in LibreOffice.

Password protection is one of the standard features of any office suite available in the market, and LibreOffice is no exception. Saving a document with a strong password can help you secure sensitive information from unauthorized access, ensuring that no one can see, edit, or modify the content of the document without your consent. Whether you’re working on a text document, spreadsheet, or presentation in LibreOffice, the steps to add a password to a document are the same.

Notice: If you ever lose access to or forget the password, you will also be unable to access your document. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you note the password somewhere safe, such as in a password manager or by memorizing it.

How to Password Protect a Document

To begin securing your document with a strong password, open an existing document on your computer or create a new one in LibreOffice.

Save your document

When your document opens in its associated application, such as Writer, Calc, or Impress, depending on the document type, go to File > Save As from the top menu bar. If you have the Tabbed UI enabled, navigate to the File tab and click the Save As button.

From the top menu-bar select File > Save As
From the File ribbon tab select Save As button.

After selecting the Save As option, a new window will appear asking you to name the file and where you’d like to save it on your computer. Before clicking the Save button, enable the Save with password checkbox located at the bottom-left of the window.

Enable Save with password.

Add a Password

In the next window, LibreOffice will ask you to enter a super-secret password to save with the document. You can also specify whether you want to allow others to view the document in read-only mode, where they won’t be able to edit the content without entering a password.

To enable this, select the Open file read-only checkbox and specify another password that others will need if they want to edit the document.

Type your super secret password.

Once you’re done, hit OK.

The next time you open the newly saved document in LibreOffice, you’ll be prompted to enter the password before the document loads. If you don’t provide the correct password, the document will not open. So make sure you never lose your password.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know to add a password to a document in LibreOffice. If you’re still having trouble understanding the steps, please leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help.

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Barbara D`
Barbara D`
May 21, 2023 5:46 PM

I did not find the instructions to password protect a document in Libre Writer helpful at all. When I worked with Microsoft Word, password protecting was easy – you just selected it from, I believe, the File menu.

You entered the password in the text box and saved the document and – voila! – you could not open the document without the correct password. That’s what I want – not making the document read-only – making the document inaccessible unless you had the password.

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