How to Download and Install Language Pack in LibreOffice

This tutorial goes through the steps to download and install additional language packs in LibreOffice.

In previous tutorial, we demonstrated how to change the display or user interface language in LibreOffice. Unfortunately, when users don’t find their preferred language in the language list, they often assume that it does not support their language.

That is not the case because LibreOffice does not include all the language packages during the installation process by default, unless user manually selects the option to do so.

However, most users simply forget to enable their language during the installation, which often requires them to download and install the preferred language pack separately at a later time.

Adding Missing Languages in LibreOffice on Windows

Adding additional language support in LibreOffice on Windows is slightly different from MacOS and GNU/Linux. If you are using LibreOffice on MacOS or GNU/Linux, please follow the next steps instead:

Step 1: Open the File Explorer on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Double-click on the title bar to edit the location path.

Step 3: Copy and paste the following location into the path editor and press enter. This will take you to the Programs and Features section of the Control Panel in Windows.

Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features

Step 4: Find LibreOffice on the list of already installed programs.

Step 5: Right-click on LibreOffice and select Change.

Step 6: When the Installation Wizard window opens, click Next.

Step 7: Select Modify and then click Next at the bottom.

Step 8: Expand the User Interface Languages section and scroll down to find your preferred language. Here, I am selecting Hindi as my language of choice.

Step 9: Click on the arrow button before the language and select This feature will be installed on the local hard drive.

Step 10: Click Next a couple of times and finally, click on the Install button.

Step 11: Once the installation is finished, restart LibreOffice and the new language should be shown in the list of available display or user interface languages.

After changing the user interface language to Hindi.
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