Find the Current Version and Build Number of LibreOffice

Sometimes, it’s important to know which version of LibreOffice you are currently using on your computer, especially when you need to troubleshoot issues or ensure compatibility with other software.

Within LibreOffice itself

Within LibreOffice itself, finding the version is a simple process. First, open LibreOffice or any of its applications, such as Writer, Calc, or Impress. Then, navigate to the top menu bar and select Help > About LibreOffice.

This will open a dialog box displaying the version number of the current installation, as well as other information such as the build ID and the user interface language.

From the Control Panel (Windows)

If you are using Windows, you can also find the version of LibreOffice from the Control Panel. Search for Control Panel and click on Programs and Features. Then, find LibreOffice from the list of installed programs. The version number should be listed next to the program name.

In some cases, when LibreOffice itself crashes and don’t open, you can use the Command Prompt to find the installed version. Search for the Command Prompt and type and enter the below command. This will show the installed versions of LibreOffice on your computer.

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" --version

From the Command Line (GNU/Linux and MacOs)

If you are using GNU/Linux or macOS, you can find the installed version of LibreOffice from the terminal. First, open up the terminal. Then, type and enter the following command:

libreoffice --version


In short, knowing the version number of LibreOffice you are currently using on the computer can help you troubleshoot issues and ensure compatibility with other software, so it’s important to know how to find it.

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