How to Add or Remove Page Border in LibreOffice Writer

This tutorial guides you through the steps for inserting page borders and removing them from your documents in LibreOffice Writer.

Page borders are one of the common design elements that can enhance the appearance of your documents. By default, they are turned off in LibreOffice Writer, but can easily be added to the entire document or specific sections. However, adding a border to a specific section requires adding a selection break to the document first.

Anyhow, if you have added a page border to your document, or if a collaborator has added one and you now wish to remove it, just follow these simple steps:

How To Add Page Border In LibreOffice Writer

Step 1. Open a text document, then right-click anywhere on the document and select Page Style.

However, there are plenty of other ways to access this option, such as from the top menu bar by selecting Format > Page Style or from the sidebars Style tab.

Step 3. Once the Page Style dialog window opens, navigate to the Borders tab.

Step 4. In the Line Arrangement section of the Borders tab, choose one of the following presets:

  • No border
  • All Four Borders
  • Left and Right Borders Only
  • Top and Bottom Borders Only
  • Left Border Only.

Step 5. Pick a line style, its color, and its width.

Step 6. There’s a shadow style if you want to add a border shadow.

Step 7. Finally, under the Padding section, you can add your custom padding or leave it as it is.

Step 8. Then, click Apply and OK.

Note: The above steps add a page border to every page of a document. If you need to add a border to a specific page or area, such as the first page, footnote, endnote, etc, then follow the steps.

Step 1. Open the sidebar and select Style.

Step 2. Navigate to the Page Style tab, and right-click on a specific option, such as The First Page,and select Modify.

Step 3. The Page Style dialog window will open for that specific page or section and the name of the section will be displayed in the title.

Step 4. To add borders to this specific page or section, follow the same steps as outlined above.

How To Remove Page Border In LibreOffice Writer

Step 1. Go to page style by right-clicking on the document and selecting Page Style.

Step 2. Navigate to the Border tab, and under the Line Arrangement preset section, select the first option, No Border.

Step 3. Then, click Apply > OK and your page border should disappear.

Wrapping Up

Adding or removing page borders is quite simple in LibreOffice Writer once the concept is understood. I hope this beginner’s tutorial helped you. If you have any questions or issues regarding this topic, please leave a comment below.

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