LibreOffice Writer – Supported File Formats

LibreOffice uses the Open Document Format (ODF) as its primary supported file format. ODF is a fully open and ISO standardized file format that gives you the guarantee of never losing access to your data.

One of the primary benefits of ODF files is that other open-source or proprietary software can easily implement support for them without the need for complicated licensing. When it comes to LibreOffice Writer, it’s compatible with a wide range of document formats, even including the Microsoft Word’s (.doc, .docx).

This tutorial shows the complete list of supported file formats by the LibreOffice Writer.

File TypesExtensions
ODF Text Document.ODT
ODF Text Document Template.OTT
Flat XML ODF Text Document.FODT
Unified Office Format Text.UOT
Word 2007-365.DOCX
Word 2007-365 Template.DOTX
Word 2003 XML.XML
Word 97-2003.DOC
Word 97-2003 Template.DOT
HTML Document (Writer).HTML
Rich Text.RTF
Text – Choose Encoding.TXT
Office Open XML Text (Transitional).DOCX
Word 2007-365.DOCM
Supported file types by LibreOffice Writer.

Check the supported file formats for LibreOffice Calc.

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