How to Add Dotted Underline in LibreOffice Writer

This tutorial explains the steps on how to add a dotted underline in LibreOffice Writer.

Underlining words or phrases in a text document is a common styling practice that is done to draw attention to specific words or phrases. Other reasons could be to emphasize the words, make the text easier to read, or when it’s required to follow a standard style sheet to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout a document.

No matter what the reason, sometimes a simple underline just doesn’t add the extra character to a document that a dotted underline could otherwise.

Steps to Add Dotted Underline in Document

  • Open a new text document or an existing one. (If you need help, there’s already a tutorial that I’ve written on how to create, save, and open a document)
  • Then, select and highlight the text you want to put in the dotted underline.
    • To select the text, place your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to select and then click and drag your mouse until the desired text is highlighted.

Tips: Alternatively, you can select a word by double-clicking or an entire paragraph by triple-clicking.

  • Click the small arrow icon next to the U button; a list of underline styles will appear.
  • Select a dotted underline from the list or scroll to find it.

Configure the Underline (Changing Color and Effects)

By default, the underline has the same color as the text. However, you can change the underline color to a different one.

Change the underline color by following these steps:

  • Select and highlight the text with the underline.
  • Right-click and select Character > Character or click on the arrow next to the U button and select More Options.
  • In the dialogue window, change the underline style and color.
  • Click OK when finished.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, adding a dotted underline to text in LibreOffice Writer documents is very simple. I hope, the shown steps above have helped you. However, if you still have questions or need clarification, please leave a comment below.

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