How To Resize Page To Fit Contents In LibreOffice Draw

This basic tutorial will guide you through resizing the canvas or page in LibreOffice Draw to fit your page content effectively.

LibreOffice Draw offers convenient options for setting up page sizes, although it lacks a one-click solution for automatically resizing the page to fit content. However, there are manual workarounds available to achieve this goal with your documents.

These steps are straightforward and easy to follow, ensuring you can tailor your page size precisely to your content. Let’s delve into the process.

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Difficulty LevelMedium
LibreOffice Version7.6.4.1
Screenshot Taken OnLinux OS (Mint Cinnamon)
Est. reading time6 minutes

Step 1: Open LibreOffice Draw

Begin by opening LibreOffice Draw on your computer. You can typically find it in your applications menu or by browsing your operating system’s search bar. Alternatively, you can access the Draw module directly from the LibreOffice Start Center.

Step 2: Open or Create a Document

Next, either open an existing document that requires resizing or create a new empty document by selecting File > New > Drawing from the top menu bar.

Step 3: Group All Page Content

Before proceeding to resize the page to precisely fit the drawn content on the page canvas, it’s essential to first group all the content. To do this, simply press Ctrl + A on your keyboard to select all elements. Then, right-click anywhere on the drawing content and select the Group option.

Step 4: Open The Position and Size Option

While the grouped content is selected, it’s crucial to note the drawing’s width and height values to manually resize the page canvas accordingly. This ensures a perfect fit for the content.

To view the selected content’s dimensions, navigate to Format > Position and Size… or simply press F4 for a shortcut. Alternatively, you can right-click on the selection and choose Position and Size…

Step 5: Copy The Content’s Width & Height Value

Once the Position and Size dialog box appears, make sure to copy the Width and Height values onto a piece of paper or a notepad on your computer. After doing so, press OK.

To safeguard against accidental resizing of the content, consider checking the Keep ratio and Size options under the Protect section.

Step 6: Access The Page Properties

Now that you have copied the values of the content’s width and height, navigate to the Page > Page Properties menu located at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can access the Page Properties option by right-clicking on a blank area of the page.

Step 7: Adjust Page Size

Upon opening the Page Properties dialog box, head to the Page tab, where you’ll find various settings related to the page size, including width, height, orientation, and margins.

Input the values you previously noted down to adjust the dimensions to your desired size. Additionally, ensure to add a few extra points to the dimensions for a margin of safety, and set all margins to zero.

Finally, click OK to apply the changes.

Step 8: Align The Content to the center of the page

After resizing the page, the content’s position might not be at the center of the page. To rectify this, select the grouped content, then right-click > Align Objects > Centered and Center.

You have successfully resized the page to fit the drawing content on the canvas, ensuring a precise and visually pleasing layout.

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