How To Modify PDF Documents In LibreOffice Draw

This simple tutorial will guide you through the process of editing or modifying PDF files using LibreOffice Draw.

Before delving into the steps below, it’s crucial to understand that PDF files come in two primary types: scanned images and editable PDFs exported directly from document writing applications.

Scanned PDFs are essentially image files within a PDF format, while editable PDFs, exported from programs like MS Word or LibreOffice Writer, contain editable text. For those dealing with scanned PDFs, the tutorial provides guidance. These instructions are geared towards slightly more advanced users, so proceed with caution.

Read: Edit Scanned PDF Documents In LibreOffice Draw

Difficulty LevelMedium
LibreOffice Version7.6.4.1
Screenshot Taken OnLinux OS (Mint Cinnamon)
Est. reading time4 minutes

Why can’t LibreOffice Draw edit scanned PDF files?

LibreOffice Draw lacks native support for editing scanned PDFs since it lacks its own text recognition and extraction feature like Adobe Acrobat. To overcome this limitation, we’ll utilize another free and open-source software called GImageReader to convert the scanned document into an editable PDF file.

What editing capabilities does LibreOffice Draw offer?

While LibreOffice Draw isn’t primarily designed as a full-fledged PDF editor, it serves as a design tool with some PDF editing capabilities. You can perform tasks such as adding or removing text, inserting images or logos, and deleting other elements within a PDF file.

Steps to Edit a PDF file in LibreOffice Draw

Follow these steps to modify any editable PDF files within LibreOffice Draw for free without the need for additional software.

Step 1: Open the PDF file in LibreOffice Draw

There are several ways to open a PDF file in LibreOffice Draw, but the most efficient method is to launch the LibreOffice Start Center and navigate to File > Open. From there, select the PDF file located on your computer, which will load it directly into LibreOffice Draw.

Step 2: Edit the Elements Inside the PDF

Once the PDF file is loaded, click on any element on the page, and you’ll notice a blue rectangular box surrounding the element. This could be a text box, image, or other element. With the box displayed, you can modify the text, remove images, or make other desired edits to the PDF.

Step 3: Save the Document and Export the PDF

After completing your edits, save the document for future editing or simply export the newly modified PDF. To export the PDF file, select File > Export Directly As PDF located at the top-menu bar.


LibreOffice Draw offers a capable module for making light to moderate edits on PDF files, except in cases where the PDF is scanned. Additionally, there are numerous other actions you can perform within LibreOffice Draw beyond simple text changes or image edits. For more tutorials on this, you can explore our additional resources here.

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