How to Add or Remove Pages In LibreOffice Draw

This beginner tutorial demonstrates how to add, rename, and delete pages within LibreOffice Draw. Although these tasks are relatively simple, newcomers to the software may find guidance helpful in navigating these actions. LibreOffice Draw offers a user-friendly interface conducive to these operations.

Difficulty LevelSimple
LibreOffice Version7.6.4.1
Screenshot Taken OnLinux OS (Mint Cinnamon)
Est. reading time3 minutes

Let’s go through the process step by step:

Step 1: Open an Existing File or Create a New One

Begin by either opening an existing document or creating a new project within LibreOffice Draw.

There are two primary methods to open an existing document:

If you’re already using any LibreOffice module, navigate to File > Open… and locate the document file on your computer. Open it from there.

Alternatively, if the document file is in .odg format (ODF drawing), which is a native LibreOffice Draw file, double-clicking on the file on your computer should open it directly in LibreOffice Draw.

Step 2: Add or Remove Pages

Once the document is open, you’ll notice the Page Pane on the left side of the window, displaying all the pages within the document.

If you can’t see the Page Pane or accidentally have closed it, simply enable View > Page Pane checkbox from the top menu bar to display it again.

If you’re working on a new, empty document, there will initially be only one page. To add a new page, simply right-click on the first page in the Page Pane and select New Page. This action will instantly add a new blank page beneath the current one. To delete or remove a page from the document, right-click on the page you wish to remove and select Delete Page.

These options can also be found under Page > New Page and Page > Delete Page in the top menu bar.


This tutorial serves as a basic guide tailored for absolute beginners to LibreOffice Draw. It provides assistance on how to add or remove pages within the software. With these simple steps, users can efficiently manage their documents in LibreOffice Draw.

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