How to Export Pages in LibreOffice Draw

This simple tutorial explains the process of exporting pages in LibreOffice Draw.

LibreOffice Draw is a powerful tool for creating diagrams, flowcharts, and illustrations. One of its key features is the ability to export pages in various formats such as PDF, PNG, SVG Vector Graphics, allowing users to share their work with others or integrate it into different applications.

Difficulty LevelSimple
LibreOffice Version7.6.4.1
Screenshot Taken OnLinux OS (Mint Cinnamon)
Est. reading time2 minutes

Step 1: Open Your Document in LibreOffice Draw

The first step is to open the document containing the pages you want to export in LibreOffice Draw. If you haven’t already done so, launch LibreOffice Draw and create a new file you wish to work with.

To begin, create a new empty document by launching the start page of LibreOffice and selecting LibreOffice Draw. Alternatively, if you’re already working within LibreOffice, select to File > New > Drawing from the top menu bar.

Step 2: Access the Export Options

When you’re finished working on the document and ready to export it from LibreOffice Draw, navigate to File > Export… or Export As (if you prefer to export the document in PDF format).

After selecting Export… LibreOffice will prompt you with an Export dialog where you can specify the file name and location on your computer.

At the bottom of the export dialog, you’ll find options to select your desired file format for saving the document. Once you’ve made your selection, click on Export button to complete the process.


In summary, exporting pages from LibreOffice Draw is simple and straightforward. Whether you’re sharing with colleagues, clients, or integrating diagrams elsewhere, LibreOffice Draw’s export options make it easy. Follow these above steps to export pages confidently.

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