How to Change the Default Font in LibreOffice Draw

This tutorial explains how to change the default font in LibreOffice Draw. You’ll also see how to make the changes permanent for new documents as well.

Open a New Drawing Document

If you’re currently working on an active document in LibreOffice Draw, you don’t have to create a new one, just continue with the second step. Select File > New > Drawing.

Navigate to the Styles Property

The sidebar options are located on the right side of the document page. Select the second option from the top, Styles (hover the cursor over each option to see their labels).

Tips: If the sidebar is closed, you can open or close it by selecting View > Sidebar from the top menu bar, or by pressing Ctrl + F5 on the keyboard. You can utilize the global shortcut key to directly access the Style property by pressing F11 on the keyboard.

Open The Default Drawing Style Window

Once the style property opens, right-click on the Default Drawing Style > Modify.

Change The Default Font Styling In Draw

After the below dialog window opens, navigate to the Font tab if it’s not already opened. Then, from the list of fonts, browse and select one that you want to use. If you want, you can also adjust the font size to better suit your needs.

Once you’re satisfied with the change, hit OK.

Update The Paragraph Style

Now that you’ve changed the font style, it’s time to set it as the default.

Note: Updating the style is only effective within the current working document. As soon as you open a new drawing document, the changes won’t be there anymore.

So if you’re planning to use the modified font style for new documents as well, you have to save it as a template and make the template default for new documents. (I have written other articles showing how to make a template in LibreOffice; you can check out that.)

Adding Textboxes To See If The Changes Are Reflected

We’ve already finished modifying and updating the default font style in LibreOffice Draw at this point. So, let’s see if the changes are reflected in the document by inserting a few text boxes.

Cheers! You’ve successfully changed the default font in LibreOffice Draw. If you are still having difficulty following the steps, please leave a comment.

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