About Us – The Story Of LibreOffice Tutorials

Hi, welcome to LibreOffice Tutorials, your one-stop destination for learning the powerful and versatile LibreOffice application suite.

This site was started as a branch off project from its parent blog. The purpose for creating this site was to produce and share easy-to-follow, simple tutorials on working in the applications of the LibreOffice Suite.

It was started in mid-2022 as a personal project because I wanted to document everything that I have learned using this software, so I could use these resources as a reference in the future. After completely switched over to the GNU/Linux ecosystem, my opinion, reliance, and respect on LibreOffice, and its community has only increased.

This is not because Microsoft Office does not work on Linux, but 98% of the time, I just do not feel the need to pay a high price for the features that LibreOffice offers for free.

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Through this site/blog, I am not only making learning resources for my own use, but I am also aiming to help other LibreOffice users, both beginners and advanced, to become proficient in working with this excellent software.

The primary objectives of these tutorials are to help users to →

  • Learn the software and apply the knowledge in production work.
  • Feel comfortable in working under the open-source ecosystem.
  • Be able to troubleshoot or workaround simple/common issues faster.

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Shiba Prasad. By profession, I’m a freelance content writer who has a great fascination with Linux and other open source technologies. Apart from writing articles for clients, I also run a few more sites; they are kivabeguide.com, easyforlinux.com.

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Why Did I Create This Site?

I was introduced to this software 4-5 years ago when I finally decided to switch to the Linux ecosystem after being a full-time Windows user for life. Although I heard of LibreOffice Suites before as one of the best free alternative to the Microsoft Office, I had little to no idea about the actual capabilities and features of this free and open-sourced software.

Fast-forward a few years, when I finally started enjoying Linux as my primary OS, I had plenty of opportunities to explore all free and open source software that come preinstalled with most distros. On the first go, I was quite amazed by how similar it was to Microsoft Office, so picking it up did not take much time.

However, when I started working on large documents with complex layout structures, I had to constantly look out for solutions on the internet. Unfortunately, the official learning material available on the site was very technical and not easy to understand.

As a result, I struggled a lot with understanding the ins and outs of this software, which took me years to fully understand.

Then finally the day came when the light went on in my head. 💡

I decided to create a website where I would write up everything I knew about this incredible software in blog post format. In the hopes of assisting new users find solutions that are much more beginner-friendly and free of difficult technical jargon.

Can You Email Your Doubts?

Sure, I’d be happy to help you find a solution to your issue. Feel free to contact me here.

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